Welcome to The Schizophrenia Association UK


The SAGB was the first Association for schizophrenia to be formed in the UK, was one of the first in the world and now has members all over the world.

We are here to offer help to everyone who needs information and support, as a sufferer, a relative, friend of a sufferer, carer or medical worker

Primary Objective of SAGB

To quickly improve the lives of UK people suffering from Schizophrenia by providing high quality information, support and education, research and discussions on the subject.

Secondary Objectives

  • To more widely disseminate schizophrenia UK and worldwide research and information so that effective treatment techniques and medications can rapidly identified and adopted.
  • To improve communications between both sufferers and organisations that seek to help, assist  and improve a schizophrenia sufferers life
  • Weight loss pills
  • To create a UK Schizophrenia Information service, and to make this service available a wide UK audience as possible
  • To reduce and lessen the myths and fears of schizophrenia in the UK